Tanzania Visa

Information about entry requirements to Tanzania

A passport (valid for at least six months after departure) and a tourist visa are required to enter Tanzania. Every tourist has to carry his passport with him at all times. We recommend that you make a photocopy of your passport and always keep it separate from the original document. When staying in cities, you should use your passport e.g. Leave at the hotel and only have a copy with you. Or you can scan important documents that you save in your e-mail account and thus have access to them via an Internet connection.
The visa for German citizens can be applied for three to four weeks before departure at the Tanzanian embassy (approx. EUR 50 plus postage). An e-visa has also been available from the Tanzanian Immigration Department since the end of November 2018 (further information about the e-visa can be found below).
Alternatively, the visa is also available upon entry into Tanzania (USD 50, to be paid in cash on site), which has been proving to be more difficult for some time and we therefore advise against it.
For international departures from Zanzibar, an exit tax of USD 30 is required (to be paid in cash on site).
Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age can enter with their children’s ID with photo.
Compulsory vaccinations are not provided for direct entry from Germany; proof of a valid yellow fever vaccination is required from the age of 1 when entering from a yellow fever area (e.g. neighboring countries). When you arrive at Kilimanjaro Airport or in Dar es Salaam, you first go to the health desk, where the entry of the yellow fever vaccination is checked in the WHO’s international vaccination card. Without an appropriate note from the health authority, no entry permit will be issued.
If you intend to travel via Kenya or Uganda, you can obtain the appropriate visas from the embassies, at the airports or at border controls.


Visa applicants are strongly advised to apply for their visa only through the Tanzanian Immigration Service’s official website (https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/) and NOT through other links.
When applying, the applicant must ensure that his passport is valid for at least six months and at least one unused visa page.
The applicant is expected to apply for a correct visa category. If the applicant is not sure what type of visa he needs, he is advised to find out about Tanzania travel adventures or by emailing info@visatanzania.go.tz.
The visa application will be processed within ten days, so applicants are strongly advised to observe the time frame when applying.
Any visa application that has been made incorrectly or does not contain enough attachments can be rejected.
It is assumed that each applicant has read and accepted the conditions in the disclaimer. Therefore, the applicant is obliged to read them carefully before paying.
If a visa application is rejected, no refund will be made.
The Tanzanian Immigration Service can give the applicant reasons for withholding the visa or withhold it.
Visa terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.
Applicants whose nationality falls under the Referral Visa category are not advised to book air tickets or make payments for reservations in Tanzania before they receive approval for their visas. Referral Visa applicants are advised to apply at least two months prior to their travel date.
Applicants are required to read the list of countries that are eligible for the referral visa from time to time as there may be some changes.
Stateless persons and refugees who have documents of the Vienna Convention are also required to obtain a transfer visa before entering Tanzania.

Types of e-visas

There are different types of visas depending on the purpose of a visitor / visit. If you book a trip to Tanzania with us, the following visas may be relevant for you:

Tourist e-visa:

Valid for a one-time stay in Tanzania of a maximum of 30 days and is valid for 30 days from the date of entry
E-Visa is only valid for tourist purposes (vacation, visiting friends and acquaintances, etc.)
Cost: $ 50

The following documents must be enclosed with the application for a tourist e-visa:
Digital passport copy of the applicant (bio page)
Digital photo of the applicant, which meets the requirements of a passport photo
Copy of the return flight ticket

Transit e-visa
for transit travel through Tanzania to another country
The maximum permitted length of stay in Tanzania is 7 days
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