Dear customer,

as of 01.07.2018 we must inform you before concluding a package travel contract both of the details of your package travel, which are substantial, and of your rights under EU Directive 2015/2302. You can find the information on your package tour in the general and specific service descriptions of the tours and these travel conditions. In addition to your rights under EU Directive 2015/2302, we have provided the required form on our website and in the booking systems in which our trips are bookable.

The following terms and conditions are, if effectively agreed, the content of the package tour contract between you and us, the Tanzania Reiseabenteuer SDL, UG (limited liability) (hereinafter referred to as TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER) as the responsible tour operator. They supplement and complete the statutory provisions of §§ 651a – y BGB (German Civil Code) and Articles 250 and 252 EGBGB (Introductory Act to the German Civil Code).

In addition, for regular scheduled flights with national or international airlines, the respective conditions of carriage of the operating airline apply. These conditions are available on our website.

Please therefore read our travel conditions carefully before booking, as they govern the contractual relations that have arisen between you and TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER.

By the way: We strongly recommend that all travellers take out a travel cancellation, travel interruption and travel health insurance policy, which covers the return transport costs of an ambulance.

Conditions of travel

Registration and confirmation

With your registration you bindingly offer TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER the conclusion of the package travel contract and at the same time confirm to us the knowledge of the above mentioned pre-contractual information. Registration is possible via the TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER website www.tansania-reiseabenteuer.de, via the registration form provided there, or by telephone, in writing by e-mail. It is also carried out by the applicant for all participants listed in the registration form. Your travel registration is based on the travel announcements on our website www.tansania-reiseabenteuer.de..

The package travel contract is concluded with the acceptance by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER will declare acceptance as soon as possible by sending you a written travel confirmation. The electronic confirmation of receipt of the travel registration does not constitute acceptance of the package tour contract. If the travel confirmation is made immediately after pressing the “Pay now” button by immediately displaying the travel confirmation on the screen, the package travel contract is concluded with the display of this travel confirmation. The binding nature of the package tour contract is not dependent on the customer using options for saving or printing out the travel confirmation or on the customer receiving the travel confirmation in paper form (by post). Thus, a package travel contract has been concluded between you and all travelers and TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER listed in your registration.

If the content of the travel confirmation differs from the content of the travel registration, a new offer to conclude a contract with TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is available. You then have the right to accept the offer within 7 days. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is bound to this offer during this time. If you declare within these 7 days expressly in writing, or tacitly (down payment or payment of the travel price) the acceptance of the changed offer, then the package travel contract comes off on the basis of this offer.

According to the statutory provisions for package tour contracts concluded by distance selling (e.g. via letters, telephone calls, e-mails, telemedia or online services), there is no right of revocation, but only the statutory rights of withdrawal and termination.

However, a right of cancellation exists if the contract for travel services has been concluded outside business premises in accordance with § 651a BGB (German Civil Code), unless the negotiations on which the conclusion of the contract is based were based on a previous order by the consumer; in the latter case there is no right of cancellation.

Payment/security note

Upon receipt of the travel confirmation/invoice, a deposit of 20% of the travel price is due immediately in accordance with §651 r BGB iVm Art.252 EGBGB. Payment is possible by bank transfer, EC and credit card. If you choose the payment method “bank transfer”, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER expects the receipt of money on the agreed due date. As far as we are willing and able to properly provide the contractual services, have fulfilled our legal information obligations and no legal or contractual right of retention exists on your part, we are entitled to withdraw from the package travel contract after a reminder with setting of a deadline and to charge you with cancellation costs according to clause 5 a). At the same time as the down payment, the full premium of an insurance brokered via TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER becomes due.

The remaining payment is due 30 days before departure without further request. Please be sure to note the payment date on the travel confirmation, as late payment may result in the cancellation of your trip. If the agreed travel price has not been paid in full by the due date, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall be entitled to terminate the package tour contract and to charge damages in the amount of the corresponding cancellation fees, provided that there was not already a travel deficiency justifying cancellation at this time. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is entitled to claim damages for non-performance under the conditions of §§ 280 para. 1, 3, 281 BGB (German Civil Code).

If you have booked your trip only 30 days before the start of the trip or later, full payment must be made immediately after receipt of the travel confirmation with security note.

You will receive a security certificate with the travel confirmation/invoice. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER has taken out insolvency insurance with R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG to protect your customer funds. The respective security note securitises a direct claim against the insurer in the event of insolvency or insolvency of TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER and is sent to you with the travel confirmation.

Travel program and travel price

The scope of the contractual service results from the description on the website, as well as from the information referring to it in your travel confirmation. The same applies to the travel price to be paid by you. The travel prices are based on the current travel rates and exchange rates. The services included in the tour price are listed in the program available to you. Admission prices or cultural events are not included in the tour price, but must be paid by you on site, unless expressly stated in the description of services. The costs for ancillary services such as obtaining visas, unless otherwise stated, are at your expense and will be charged separately.

Change of itinerary
a) before conclusion of the contract

The brochure information is binding for TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER as far as it has become the basis of the package travel contract. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, however, reserves the right, for objectively justified reasons, to make changes to the brochure information or the travel advertisement before conclusion of the contract, of which TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER will of course inform you before booking. In the case of round trips, changes to the itinerary are possible at any time, e.g. due to official regulations, special road traffic conditions, medical emergencies, or if a different itinerary is chosen in the interest of the safety of the tour participants or for weather reasons. Only TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall decide on the necessary changes to the itinerary and/or travel time.

In the event of cancellation of a scheduled flight by the airline and e.g. in the event of non-compliance with the flight schedule by the airline, a change of airline, aircraft or departure or return airport may become necessary. For these or similar reasons, we expressly reserve the right to make such a change or modification. In accordance with the EU regulation on informing passengers of the identity of the operating airline, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is obliged to inform you of the identity of the operating airline and of all air transport services to be provided within the scope of the booked journey at the time of booking.

b) after conclusion of the contract

TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER expressly reserves the right to deviations and changes of individual travel services from the contractually agreed content of the package travel contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract, as far as these changes are insignificant according to §651 f Abs.2 BGB (German Civil Code). If TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is able to cancel the booked trip due to a circumstance occurring after conclusion of the contract only under significant change of one of the essential characteristics of the travel service (e.g. the routing of flights, stopovers or transfer flights, changes in timetables and flight schedules, or itineraries), or only under deviation from a contractual agreement made separately between TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX and you, TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX is entitled to offer you a corresponding contract change, or alternatively also the participation in another trip (substitute trip) before the start of the trip. In such a case, upon receipt of our amended contract offer, you have the right within 7 days to withdraw from the booked trip without payment of compensation, to demand participation in a substitute trip, or to accept the offer to amend the contract. We will expressly inform you about this period in the notification of change. Therefore the offered contract change is considered as accepted, if you do not inform us within this set period that you would like to withdraw free of charge from the package travel contract, or require the participation in a substitute journey.

The changed service shall replace the service originally owed under the contract. Any warranty claims remain unaffected if the changed service is defective.

Withdrawal, rebooking, transfer of contract, change of name by the traveller
a) Withdrawal

You can withdraw from the trip at any time before the start of the trip without giving reasons. In your own interest and to avoid misunderstandings, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER recommends that you declare your withdrawal in writing. The date on which TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER receives the declaration of withdrawal is decisive for the date of withdrawal.

If you withdraw from the package travel contract or do not start the journey, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER can demand appropriate compensation for the travel arrangements and expenses made. When calculating the compensation, usually saved expenses and usually possible other uses of the travel services of TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER are taken into account, in particular taking into account the limited short-term marketing possibilities for bundled trips with scheduled flights. You are at liberty to prove that no or significantly lower costs were incurred than those stated in the following lump sums or cancellation regulations.

The amount depends on the travel price. As a rule, the cancellation fees, which TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER must demand per registered participant in the event of your cancellation of the trip, are per person as a percentage of the tour price:

Travel with scheduled airlines:

up to the 30th day prior to departure: 20% of the tour price
from the 29th day before departure: 50 % of the tour price
from the 21st day before departure: 80 % of the tour price
from the 2nd day before the start of the journey to the day of the start of the journey or in the event of no start of the journey 95 % of the price of the journey

For transfers and other optional services (e.g. additional meals during the trip), the cancellation fee is 90% of the tour price from 7 days before departure.

TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER reserves the right to demand a higher, concrete compensation instead of the aforementioned flat rates, as far as TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER proves that it has incurred considerably higher expenses than the respectively applicable flat rate. In this case TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is obliged to quantify and substantiate the demanded compensation.

If a person cancels a booked double occupancy of a hotel room up to 30 days before the start of the trip, the cancellation lump sum shown under 5.a) becomes due for the canceled person. The remaining person in the booked room will be rebooked to the corresponding single occupancy price. From the 30th day before the start of the journey, the cancellation fee shown under 5.a) is due for the cancelled person; for the remaining person, the already confirmed price per person does not change.

Contrary to clause 5.a), TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER cannot claim any compensation if unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances occur at or in the immediate vicinity of the place of destination which significantly impair the execution of the package tour or the transport of persons to the place of destination.

(b) Rebooking

Rebooking is excluded. Any change in the date of travel, the destination, the place of departure, the hotel/cruise/suspension programme, or the mode of transport shall be deemed a rebooking. They shall be deemed withdrawal with subsequent re-registration.

c) Transfer of contract according to § 651e BGB:

Until the start of the journey, i.e. taking into account a reasonable period of time for organisational measures, which must be reasonable for TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, you can demand that a third party takes over the rights and obligations from the package travel contract instead of you. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER may object to the entry of the third party if this does not meet the special travel requirements or if its participation is contrary to statutory regulations or official orders. If a third party enters into the contract, he and you are jointly and severally liable to TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER for the travel price and the additional costs incurred by the entry of the third party, in particular for changing the flight tickets and fees of the respective service providers. These additional costs shall only be payable if they have been incurred by you and proven to you by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER charges you a handling fee of 100 € per person.

Declarations of withdrawal, rebooking and changes should be made in writing if possible in your interest and for reasons of proof.

d) Change of name

When registering your trip, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER must have your full name with all first and last names and the names of all registered travelers congruent with your valid passport. After the confirmation of the trip by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, name changes are only allowed against a handling fee of 50,- € per person. Name changes on scheduled flights are only possible in exceptional cases and on request; TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER levies a name change fee of € 100 per person after the issue of the ticket. Depending on the availability of the airfields, additional surcharges may apply.

Withdrawal and cancellation by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER

In the following cases TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER can withdraw from the package travel contract before the start of the journey or cancel the package travel contract after the start of the journey:

a) up to 35 days before the start of the journey if the number of participants has not been reached, if the TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX tender for the corresponding journey refers to a minimum number of participants. The declaration of withdrawal will be sent to you immediately, the deposit will be refunded immediately.
b) without observance of a deadline, if you disturb the execution of the journey despite a warning by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER lastingly or if you behave contrary to the contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified. TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX retains the claim to the travel price, but includes the value of the saved expenses as well as those advantages which TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX obtains from another use of the services not used, including the amounts reimbursed to TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX by the service providers.
c) due to behaviour, if you carry or attempt to carry weapons, ammunition, explosive or flammable substances and the like; furthermore, if you consume or carry drugs or commit criminal offences during the journey. A justified cancellation also exists in the case of an attempt to perform the above-mentioned acts.
d) If you have booked with false information about the person, address and / or identity document or are on the corresponding anti-terror lists of the EU or OFAC.

Termination of the package tour contract due to unavoidable, exceptional circumstances

If TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is prevented from carrying out and fulfilling your package travel contract prior to departure as a result of unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER can declare its withdrawal to you immediately after becoming aware of the reason for withdrawal. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER will then refund the paid travel price within 14 days. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER reserves the right to demand reasonable compensation for services rendered or to be rendered.

a) Notification of defects / remedy

If the trip is not performed in accordance with the contract, you must notify TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER of the defect immediately. If you culpably omit the notification of defects, you are no longer entitled to assert your rights to reduction and damages.

You must grant TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER a reasonable period of time to remedy the situation, unless the immediate remedy is necessary or is refused by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER can remedy the situation in such a way that a replacement service of equal or higher value is provided.

You can also address your request for remedy directly to TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX:

Pican-Straße 12, 16515 Oranienburg, Germany,

phone: 0157 73930897

Email: info@tansania-reiseabenteuer.de

Tour guides, agencies and employees of service providers are not authorized and not authorized by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER to confirm defects or recognize claims against TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER.

b) Reduction of the travel price, §651 m BGB.

You may demand a reduction of the travel price in accordance with the reduced performance (reduction) if, despite your request for remedy (see 8.a), travel services or replacement services accepted by you have not been provided in accordance with the contract.

c) Termination of the package tour contract, § 651 l BGB (German Civil Code)

If TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER does not provide any remedy within a reasonable period of time or declares that remedy is not possible and the trip is considerably impaired as a result of the non-contractual provision of services, you can cancel the package travel contract. If the contract is cancelled thereafter, you retain the right to repatriation if the contract included repatriation. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall bear the additional costs of the return transport. Cases of unforeseeable, extraordinary circumstances, which do not concern any travel services of TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, do not entitle the customer to free withdrawal from the package travel contract.

d) Damages, § 651 n BGB (German Civil Code)

If TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER culpably violates obligations from the package travel contract, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is obliged to compensate you for the resulting damage. If the trip is thwarted or considerably impaired as a result, you can, if you have demanded unsuccessful remedy (see 8.a), also demand a reasonable compensation in money due to uselessly spent vacation time.


Your claims due to non-contractual performance of the trip shall become statute-barred after 2 years. The period of limitation begins with the day on which the trip should end according to the contract (§ 651j BGB). Claims arising from unlawful acts become statute-barred within three years.


TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is liable within the scope of the duty of care of a prudent businessman for 1. the conscientious travel preparation, 2. the careful selection and supervision of the service providers, 3. the correctness of the service description, but not for the information in local, hotel or other brochures not issued by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, which are attached to your travel documents by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER, 4. the proper performance of the contractually agreed travel services.

Limitation of liability
(a) contractual

The contractual liability of TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is limited to three times the travel price for damages that are not bodily injury (including liability for breach of pre-, ancillary or main contractual obligations), provided that damage was neither intentionally nor grossly negligently caused by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. The limitation of liability shall also apply insofar as TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is responsible for any damage incurred by you solely due to the fault of a service provider.

b) statutory

A claim for damages against TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is limited or excluded as far as the liability of the service provider is also excluded or limited due to legal regulations, which are to be applied by the service provider. If TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is a contractual air carrier, liability shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Air Traffic Act in conjunction with the international conventions of Warsaw, The Hague, Guadalajara, Montreal Convention. This generally limits the liability of the Carrier for death or personal injury and for loss of or damage to baggage.

c) for external services

TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall not be liable for disruptions in performance in connection with services which are merely brokered as external services by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER (e.g. sports events, theatre visits, exhibitions, excursions etc.) and which are expressly marked as external services in the travel advertisement (additional offer).

Passport, Visa, Currency, Customs and Health Regulations

TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is responsible for informing you about passport, visa and health regulations and any changes to them before departure. For nationals of other countries, the relevant consulate will provide information. It is assumed that there are no particularities in the person of the customer and any fellow travellers (e.g. dual nationality, statelessness). Every traveller (including children) from EU countries and Switzerland must carry a machine-readable passport (ePassport) valid for at least six months after the end of the journey; this also applies to travel in Europe. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is not liable for the timely issue and receipt of necessary visas by the respective diplomatic representation, if the traveller has commissioned TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER with the procurement, unless TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is responsible for the delay. You are responsible for compliance with all regulations that are important for the execution of the trip. All disadvantages, in particular the payment of cancellation costs, which result from the non-observance of these regulations, are at your expense, except if you are caused by culpable false or non-information by TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. Should passport, visa, health or other entry regulations of individual countries not be observed by you for reasons for which you are responsible, or should a visa not be issued in time due to your fault, so that you are therefore prevented from the journey, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER can refuse the transport or onward transport without compensation obligation and burden you with the corresponding lump-sum compensation in accordance with section 5.a) of these travel conditions. In this case, you shall have the right to prove to us that no damage has been incurred or that the damage has not been incurred in the amount claimed.

If you are required to pay entry fees or similar charges for entry into a country that is affected by the trip, or if travel documents (e.g. visa) are required for which TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER has taken over the procurement for all passengers, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is entitled to pass on to you any costs incurred and disbursed for this.


Travel insurance including travel cancellation insurance must be taken out by yourself. The general insurance conditions of the respective insurance apply.

Exclusions and restrictions of carriage

15.1 Guests under 16 years of age may only travel with an accompanying person of at least 18 years of age at the time of travel who is travelling in the same hotel room or in an adjacent hotel room. The accompanying person must expressly agree to assume responsibility for guests under the age of 16. Unaccompanied flights and hotel stays are not permitted for travellers under the age of 16 in all destinations. Please talk to our reservation team about this.

15.2 Pregnant women who have reached the 23rd week of pregnancy will not be carried if the conditions of carriage of the selected airline so stipulate. Pregnant women, even before the 23rd week of pregnancy, must be able to present an English-speaking medical certificate confirming their ability to travel and the date of birth. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is not liable for any pregnancy complications that may occur during the flight.

15.4 Travellers with physical or medical problems requiring special treatment must inform TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX of this at the time of booking. TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX has the right to refuse travelers who, at the discretion of TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX, should not travel for mental or physical reasons, or who require care that TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX cannot provide. Each impaired passenger must be able to take care of himself. Passengers who are unable to do so (e.g. cannot eat independently, dress or undress, or participate in evacuation operations) must travel with an accompanying person who can assist them in all matters during the journey. Wheelchairs must be brought by the passengers themselves and should be small and foldable. Guests with reduced mobility can obtain important information on the selected hotels and means of transport at the TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX reservation desk.

15.5 Due to the sanctions imposed by the US Government on countries such as North Korea, Cuba, Iran and Syria by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (“OFAC”), US airlines are not permitted to do business with the aforementioned states and their citizens. Therefore, it is the policy of TANSANIA TRAVEL TAX to generally prohibit citizens of the aforementioned states from booking and transportation on flights of US Airlines, unless they can present a valid residence permit as residents of an unsanctioned state and pay for their travel and personal expenses from funds originating from an established bank in an unsanctioned state.

Data protection

You provide TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER with personal data within the scope of your booking which TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER requires to process the trip. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER processes the booking order on the basis of the DSGVO, taking into account the applicable data protection regulations. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER uses your personal data to fulfil your orders, requirements and wishes and, if necessary, for the purposes of its own market research. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER will only use this data for product-related surveys and marketing purposes if you have previously given your consent to TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER points out that TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER uses your personal data such as name, address and/or e-mail address for the occasional dispatch of information, e.g. newsletters by e-mail and/or by post. Your data will only be used for the purpose of sending this information if you have requested it via a TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER website. You can object to the use of your data for these purposes at any time by cancelling the dispatch of the information. Personal data will only be passed on to the companies involved in the booking. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER will not pass on your data to third parties without your express consent or a legal obligation. You can find more details in our data protection declaration at www.tansania-reiseabenteuer.de..

Information on consumer dispute resolution

TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER points out with regard to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Act that TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER does not participate in a voluntary consumer dispute resolution. If a consumer dispute resolution would become obligatory for TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER after the printing of these terms and conditions, TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall inform the consumers about this in an appropriate form. TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER refers to the European online dispute resolution platform http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ for all contracts concluded in electronic legal transactions.

Place of jurisdiction/choice of law

Place of jurisdiction for complaints against TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER is Oranienburg. The contractual relationship between you and TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER shall be governed exclusively by German law. This also applies to the entire legal relationship. Insofar as the liability of the tour operator for legal actions against TANSANIA-REISEABENTEUER abroad is not based on German law, German law shall apply exclusively with regard to the legal consequences, in particular with regard to the type, scope and amount of claims of the customer.


The invalidity of individual provisions of the package tour contract shall not result in the invalidity of the entire package tour contract.

The tour operator is:

12 André-Pican Street,

16515 Oranienburg,

Managing Director: Lisa Zehlike

Register court: Local court Neuruppin

HRB NO. 12250 NP

Phone + 49157 73930897


Email: info@tansania-reiseabenteuer.de

Status November 2018


Tansania Reiseabenteuer
Andre-Pican-Straße 12
16515 Oranienburg